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1996 S600 (Sebastian), 1999 SLK230 Kompressor (Tie Fighter)
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i'd like to know if anyone has had nightmares or good dreams about their benz's.

last night i had the worst nightmare about "Sebastian" , my nickname for my s600. i was at a party toasting quite a few and afterward had to drive home with a friend. the next morning i awoke and couldn't remember driving home! so i went out to the garage and Sebastian was GONE! now my mind was racing along with my heart trying to remember what had taken place the previous evening. i couldn't recall! so i rushed to his room and woke up my friend asking if he knew. he said sleepily, "yea, look out front". i raced to the front windows and there was Sebastian straddling the ditch! my friend caught up with me at the window and explained that i was pretty toasted on the way home and was pushing Sebastian to his limits. when we reached my place, instead of braking and pulling in the drive, i slammed the stick shift into the lowest gear while still going quite fast hoping it would lock up the wheels and spin the car around like in the movies. (uhuh, right) instead it made a horrible sound and Sebastian bounced into the ditch after ripping up a huge section of the black topped road! my friend explained that then i had tried to get it into gear but the tranny was shot and there it sat.

now as i looked out at my poor Sebastian i saw a road block near the ruined road and the promise of a police investigation. what loomed even worse, of course, was the ensuing repair, subsequent down time and bill.

i woke up reasuring myself that, "it was only a dream...only a dream". now understand that i don't punish Sebastian like that and certainly do not imbibe and drive...but geez i didnt' feel well at all, too darn realistic for comfort i guess...hehehe...any other benz dreams out there?

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