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Have I lost my mind!?

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What force compels a middle aged man to sell an Oldsmobile and buy a 22 year old 300TD with 169K miles on it? At any rate, it's a done deal and hopefully the beginning of a new car adventure. The car has many small problems, but I have a good mechanic and a strange addiction to the clatter of 5 cylinder diesels. The forum was a great resource and very encouraging of taking the MB plunge.

Cheers AG MAC
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It’s a real car, built to last and be driven hard. It’s solid, reliable, and fun to drive. Except for the pleasant hum of the engine it’s completely quiet. No squeaks. No rattles. It requires little maintenance and is easy to work on. It cruises down the interstate at 75 mph as if it’s on a rail. The hood star is cool. The visibility is excellent. The ergonomics are outstanding and 25 years ahead of its time.

Doesn’t sound crazy to me.
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