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Have I lost my mind!?

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What force compels a middle aged man to sell an Oldsmobile and buy a 22 year old 300TD with 169K miles on it? At any rate, it's a done deal and hopefully the beginning of a new car adventure. The car has many small problems, but I have a good mechanic and a strange addiction to the clatter of 5 cylinder diesels. The forum was a great resource and very encouraging of taking the MB plunge.

Cheers AG MAC
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My 300 TD is a Southern US car and appears to be in reasonable repair. It has numerous small issues: antenae, rear suspension (links only), tranny mount, shaft mount, power door locks, A/C, rear wiper, slightly loose front end and some shifting issues with downshifting. It goes into the shop on Thursday to have most of this addressed. Despite these points, the engine is strong and the interior is pretty good. It drives very well and is a very different experience from all other cars I have driven and owned. Really looking forward to the summer trips to the country.


Hello MBZ:

This wagon is a good candidate for restoration but for this summer, I hope to get the car set up properly and use it for the cottage run/work etc... After that, I may put it away for the winter to avoid Nova Scotian winters and if possible, do a mini restoration then. Right now, I want to get rid of my other car (Golf) and buy another diesel, sedan or similar. Must be "new to MB" fever!

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