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Have I lost my mind!?

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What force compels a middle aged man to sell an Oldsmobile and buy a 22 year old 300TD with 169K miles on it? At any rate, it's a done deal and hopefully the beginning of a new car adventure. The car has many small problems, but I have a good mechanic and a strange addiction to the clatter of 5 cylinder diesels. The forum was a great resource and very encouraging of taking the MB plunge.

Cheers AG MAC
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Middle Age?

I'm a 50 something, professional and out of all the vehicles from which to choose, old and new, my car of choice is the W123 Diesel, specifically an 84' 300CD. If the W123 you start with is basically sound you shouldn't have that many issues with it.
I once owned a wagon, or I should say my lovely wife did. The wagon makes a great family car. Plenty of room for kids, dogs and gear.

Andrew, are you planning on doing a restoration to this vehicle?
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