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Has someone ever changed the transmission??

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[:(]My car has rough sound came from underneath the dashboard when on neutral or park. I checked it w/ the dealers they asking for $5200 to change the trans and converter. Is it that bad? By the way my car is 1998 S420 and has 75000 miles on it. If someone knows good mechanic for Mercedes, please let me know. Thanks.
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You have a worn torque convertor.

You have a worn torque convertor. Take your car to a transmission specialist. If your car has no gear shifting problems its likely that its only the bearing inside the convertor thats worn out.

Get your car diagnosed by an Auto Tranny specialist before you decide that your tranny is kaput and needs replacing. Once you've done that and they've diagnoised that the trannys illness is terminal...
you have 3 choices,
(1) A brand new tranny from the dealer
(2) A factory re-conditioned tranny
(3) An overhaul/rebuild of your existing transmission by a specialist

I was quoted £4000 ($6640US) by the main dealer saying I needed a new gearbox because the tranny is a sealed unit, but I'm paying £800 ($1328US) to have my existing tranmission overhauled and the torque convertor replaced by a mercedes specialist.

the $5200 you have been quoted by the dealer is very reasonable provided it includes a brand new transmission, all parts, sundries and labour.

Good luck with your choice

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Yep the transmission still drive fine, it even does not jerk or rough shift when shifting. Only at 35mph the sound of wear coming out and goes out at 40-45 mph. I will look for mercedes specialists, anyone knows?? Live in Southern California(Orange county)Thanks anyway.
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