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Has anyone removed bonnet grills?

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Has anyone removed the grills from the bonnet?

I had a very quick look and they just look screwed on?
Not sure on the windscreen washer part though. If you have done this or know how to then i'd appreciate any information.

I should be getting some AMG ones that i ordered a few weeks ago soon and would like to avoid paying dealer to swap them as their prices/customer service really make me cringe.

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The swap (according to those who have done it) is quick and simple.

Maybe the others can confirm [:)]
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you need to swap anything, you just get the fins and screw them on your existing grills.
SiLK - 2/18/2005 10:28 AM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you need to swap anything, you just get the fins and screw them on your existing grills.
I know that's the case for 3rd party (e.g. chromed) fins. Not sure if this will be the case with the AMG ones... maybe you also just need to screw them on, rather then replace the whole grill.
Shinigami is right, MB assure me OEM AMG one come in 1 unit (fins and grill in one piece) left and right are different $AU250 per side, he have to order as replacement part and not quite sure if can be order to AU yet. Look easy enough just unscrew, but the washer unit seem tricky, I opt for easier/cheaper solution with the third party screw on ones.
I bought a set of amg bonnet fins from ebay, the person I bought from says they have the grills included. I should get them within the next day or two, will it be hard to remove the old grills or are they easy to get off ? The only problem that was mentioned is the washer jet. Hmmm
I've orderded the original AMG bonnet fins with the grills. Will receive mine next week and I'm also interested in how difficult it is to remove the grills...

I also receive my new car in a couple of days so I can't have a look underneath the bonnet and see how difficult it is... Hopefull someone can sort this out for us so we know if we should fix this ourselves or have the dealer to do the installation.

Have bought and fitted a MB set [from the slk55] They are easy to fit as long as you have the right TORX spanner. Dont ask me which size 'cos I borrowed my brother's set. Without them you will not manage it 'cos they are firmly fixed. The water hoses snap in and out easy, but the electric cables require a tab to be hooked out with a blade or something similar.

Overall, an easy job if you have the correct torx spanner.

My set cost £132 but look great. The third party ones look too tall for my liking and with no aparent finish / adonising, they could soon corrode,[especially as I live on the coast], and when you consider the cost of the car, who wants to add anything that COULD look shoddy. Will post pics if required.
It will be great to post some pics of the install if possible.
Thanks for the input on this topic owen. Then I just have to hope that my torx-set will include the correct size. Apart from that it really seem like a simple installation and I'll save some mony for more petrol instead of having MB doing that simple task ;-)

if you can post pictures that would be really great!
I can assure you that if you get/borrow a set of TORX spanners, all you need is a regular screwdriver to release the heated jet connectors and from memory you need a regular star/posidrive screwdriver also. It is that easy but take care not to drop screws, etc. into the engine area.

I do not have images of the inside but attach images of the final appearance.

To answer an earlier question, the fins are hollow I believe, and are crimped to the plastic panels, so they cannot be removed or adjusted.


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Thanks, now i know that ill be happy with the finished result :D, any one buy the amg fins from ebay, from a german seller ? Im just waiting on delivery.
Thanks for the help with this, after waiting about 4 weeks I was able to pick up the parts yesterday. I decided to have the local merc independant garage do it for me. They charged £30, it took them about 20 mins and didn't seem terribly difficult. I should have had more faith in myself! Regardless, they look beautiful. Much better then the aftermarket plastic clip on ones i had and subsequently broke while washing the car! Don't waste money on aftermarket like I did if you want this look for your car.
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