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Has anyone herad of big incentives on the C wagon?

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I was just checking and they're showing the price of the C320 wagon at about $2k under invoice. Makes me wonder if we need a second C in the garage!
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If you live in SOCAL, MBZ is pushing more C wagons than the dealer is moving and 3-4K under MSRP is common.
Most likely due to the new E-class coming out soon

...and she's a beauty of a car...i hope to move up int one early next year!!!<br> <br> O
Most likely due to the new E-class coming out soon

...and she's a beauty of a car...i hope to move up into one early next year!!!<br> <br> O
yeah, there's a rebate right now...

rather than the e class, i think they're just trying to move some wagons... also, the new wagons will have all-wheel drive so that my make them more popular.<br>
kinda sad b/c i think they're sweet cars.
Re: yeah, there's a rebate right now...

according to sl55 in mbworld, it's $3500 hidden rebate...
They're marked down $4300 at my dealer

So if there's a hidden $3500 rebate to the dealers that means they're really only discounted $800. If what your saying's true they ought to selling at $3000 or so below invoice.
$4300 from invoice? or msrp?

actually, i can't confirm SL55's assertion of the rebate amount. i think he got that info from autospies...<br> <br> if its $4300 from msrp, than the $3500 sounds about right.<br> <br> man, we got a bmw 325xi wagon last year and we considered the c-wagon but didn't get it mainly b/c it didn't have all-wheel drive. (they were about the same price but the bmw had more options...) but for $4300 less, i'd have thought about it for a long time... it is a sweet wagon.
$4300 is from msrp

They've got a sport pac with time port phone and CD changer etc. Marked just over $6k off! It stickered right at $46k and is now $39.6. It's a Brass Hat car, says so right on the sticker, I guess a MB official drove the car for a couple of months, it's got 2900 miles on it but still comes with a 4/50 warranty. I'd still say if the dealer's getting $3500 than the price should be $5300 off MSRP, the wagons have been bricks at the So Cal dealers. My dealer has 4 on the lot, all with less than 50 miles, yet have bulid dates from last summer or early fall. They're not moving. I drove the all new A4 Avant yesterday and loaded it still stickered $5k less than discounted C wagon! Plus it had a real sport pac! It was much more sporty and had more room in back.
Re: $4300 is from msrp

I have a wagon due to deliver in about a week and this exchange is of obvious interest. Did some checking and it appears from three dealer data point that the rebate is off MSRP. Due to a dealer screw up I am getting mine at invoice, but it I find the rebate does apply to invoice costs I'm going to be a happy camper! Odd that the cars are SOCAL bricks as I understand they are hot items in Europe and East Coast U.S. My test experience indicates the C wagon handles better than the coupe, has a more solid ride and for sure more push.
in philly, they're bricks too... :(

yeah, i like the c-wagon too, but around here, they don't sell very well either... plenty of a4/a6 avants, volvos, soobies, suvs, blah blah blah. but i have never seen a c-wagon on the road. i see plenty of non-wagon c-class cars (even the coupes now). i think not having all-wheel drive has hurt them here.
Re: in philly, they're bricks too... :(

Wind is shifting a bit in SOCAL as the Wagon is starting to catch on. Dealers are still will to offer decent discounts from MSRP, but as the demand curve rises the offsets will surely decrease. Opted for one and am really blown away by the car-great design and packing in the E engine really makes a diff.
Re: in philly, they're bricks too... :(

I happen to love my Wagon. I don't see many of them and the design is very smooth. We have had our since September 2001, no problems with the exception of warped brake pads, which were replaced. The car is very fast I think it's been broken in the right way, although it only has 5800miles on the clock.
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