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Has Anyone done Backup Sensors in Bumper?

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I am planning to order one of the four sensor flush mount backup sensor detector packages from EBAY. Has anyone done an install in a ML rear bumper? Is there enough clearance for the sensors? Does the metal underneath the bumper interfere with the flush mounting? Any help is appreciated.
Mark [:D]
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I installed the autodax sensors last week.

Here are the steps I took to installed mine.

1. Took off the 4 bolts and move bumper slightly out
2. take off driver side tail light
2. Find the space pockets in the bumper (look from behind)
3. Measure height and distance for the 4 sensors and make sure the hole is against the pockets.
4. taped the areas where you going to drill the hole
5. drill the holes
6. install the sensors and route the wires in the back using plastic ties
7. I routed everyting to the left bumper (driver side) as there are two existing holes where you can run the wires (one to tap into reverse light).
8. I placed the control unit in the panel where it holds the first aid kit and the buzzer just above it.
9. I painted the sensors to match the car
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Yup! I did. Try using the search function. I think I even posted pictures. It's rather easy and flush mount works well, no metal to get in the way. You just need to hook up to the reverse light wire and you're in business. Just make sure the holes you drill are flush with the bumper and don't point down any. Slightly up would be even better so you don't get any false alarms.
Do you have dimensions that I can use to place the holes in the best location? I would really appreciate it.
Don't do it before reading this!!

There's a company in Australia who makes a 'strip type' (flexible) reverse parking sensor that simply tapes inside your plastic rear bumper and works as well as the sensor type ones, it's a strip of what looks like double sided tape with two wires coming out one side that fits internally behind the rear bumper

I saw a CD movie of how it works and how to install it and it looks great! I am even holding off installing my conventional circle reverse sensors because with this one you don't have to drill the bumper.

upside is that it's invisible
downside is that it's invisible! (no one knows u got it)

but, you can buy cheap rev park sensor kits for $20 these days so...

will post web address asap
How is the downside that it is invisible? That would be a good thing.
Does anyone have a picture of the sensors mounted in the ML bumper?
Hi there - i was wondering if you could help me with wire on the back of an W163 ML rear light is the reverse light and brake light - pls help as much appreciated
How is the downside that it is invisible? That would be a good thing.
I assume he means you don't get the ego-glory of everyone seeing the sensors. :rolleyes:
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