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Has anybody tried generic brake pads?

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I'm up for new brakes again. The last time I overhauled my brakes I purchased them direct from this company in Canada which I'd found through ebay. Since the seller and manufacturer are Canadian (as I am) it turned out to be really affordable because I avoided cross border duties and shipping. Their brake packages are an incredible deal, however they don't seem to last very long.

Previously I'd upgraded to Pagid and PBR pads. I can't recall which was which, but one brand went on the rear and was a very low dust compound and the fronts were the other side but a more conventional pad (not a low dust compound). Anyway, the whole package lasted me 22,00km or 13,700 miles. The short life is in no doubt related to the stop and go urban driving that I typcially do and the heavy and larger diameter 22" wheel/tire package that I run. I believe that the rotors are adequent since the pads wore out before the rotors. Unfortunately, as the rotors are cross drilled, they're not a candidate for resurfacing.

Seeing as how they don't last very long anyway I was thinking about not upgrading and going for the generic pads. The price difference is $368 Can$ shipped to my door for the exact package listed in the ebay auction below vs. $493.75 for the upgraded pads. Is it worth it to spend the extra? What do you guys think I should do?

MERCEDES ML55 AMG (00-03) Drill Brake Rotors & Pads F+R : eBay Motors (item 170425802241 end time Jan-28-10 17:39:09 PST)
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I have used MINTEX in the past and could not tell any difference from the MB pads.
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