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Harwire Radar Detector into upper headliner...?

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Anyone know if you can tap into any of the wiring in upper headliner to hardwire the radar detector? I was thinking about tapping into the SOS on my 208 b/c honestly its never used.

I know nothing up there is "switch power" but honestly my cigarette lighter was hacked up by previous owner so I no longer have access to switch power and I would prefer to run the wire up instead of down into the dash.

There are 4 wires running into the SOS button... anyone know which one is power and which one is ground? I know I will have to turn it off and on ever time I get in the car, that is fine.

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I have a wire coming from the head unit under the glove box, then passes through the column at the passenger side, then through the roof to the dome light. The radar detector is light gray painted to match the interior and is attached to the roof with velcro so I can detach it at any time. I can post some photos tomorrow...
Anybody? I'd like to tap into the SOS switch power too since it is no longer supported by MB. I haven't gotten in there yet but it probably wouldn't be too hard to figure out. I'd rather benifit form someone else's knowlege though ;-)

Speaking of radar detectors; are they still illegal in Canada. Just curious.
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