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Hello. I've been looking through old threads for a couple hours now, and have not found any decent information on my problem.

I have the 300SE, there are a million transmission posts on diesels, but nothing really on the gassers.

Also, almost every complaint that I have read has been about a poor 2-3 shift (assuming those people posting realized the car started in 2nd).

My 3-4 shift is extremely harsh. I feel like it could cause damage if I don't deal with the problem. The 2-3 shift is fine. If you start in first gear, the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts are fine, 3-4 is still harsh. If you allow automatic shifting to third gear, and then manually shift into 4th while easing off the gas, it's smooth.

Adjusting the modulator seems to affect the 2-3 shift, I can make that softer or harder, but it does not seem to have much if any affect on the 3-4 shift.

The oil level is right on, and the color is perfect, the fluid looks nearly new.

The odometer is around 139K.

Has anyone else had this problem and solved it? It's driving me nuts.



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I see this in transmissions that are getting tired.. I know there is an adjustment on the valve body, I just can't remember exactly where (read about it some time ago in the WIS).

Have you tried a new vacuum mod just for fun? @ what RPM is your car shifting? Does it do the same thing when down shifting?

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