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I am having profound problems with the electro-hydraulics(front and back) which are supposed to lift and lock-down the removable hardtop. The local MB dealer in Athens, GA. does not know what the problem is...after two visits and mucho $$$. None of his mechanics are old enough to remember how to work on a car from the 90's. They want my car on an hourly basis until they find the problem. That could take a bottomless pit full of money at their shop rates.

Can any of you recommend a repair shop between Atlanta and Greenville, SC who can tackle this problem at reasonable rates?



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Can any of you recommend a repair shop between Atlanta and Greenville...
No. With a little bit of knowledge and common sense you are likely to be as capable of fixing your problem as any repair shop. The diagnostic system for the automatic roof on your car as particularly comprehensive and useful, and you can avail yourself of its benefits with nothing more than an LED or test lamp.

But man, I'd pay money to watch him work on your car.
Definitely a worthwhile proposition if you can arrange to have double your money refunded in the event that you are bored or otherwise disappointed. At any rate, I would be pleased for Scott to bring his car to the Duluth area of Atlanta. We ought to be able to troubleshoot his roof, and I am eager to see if my code reader works on a '94/'95 Mercedes.
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