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hard wiring your radar detector

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I have hard wired my radar detector to one of the fuses on the drivers side door. unfortunatley none<br>
of these fuses are switched so they are on all the time. Has anyone wired their radar detector to go<br>
on only when the car is started? If so how? Thanks.<br>
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Mine is hardwired to the cigarrette lighter.

Very convenient and only turns on when ignition is on.<br> <br> What radar do you have ?
Re: Mine is hardwired to the cigarrette lighter.

Did you wire it to the fuse, or to the lighter itself? According to the fuse schematic, the lighter fuse is located under the hood.
I've disassembled my detector (UNIDEN 747),<br> wrapped all the electronics in the elastic<br> PVC tube and installed it behind left headlight.<br> Then i've wired some leds, speaker and power<br> connections to the car interior, making my radar<br> virtually invisible to potential inspection.<br> And yes, i have used also one of the fuses on<br> drivers side to supply power, but then i've<br> discovered that it would be safe to use<br> 'headlights on' main-light-switch position<br> as a power supply to the detector (not the<br> 'auto' position, but permanent ON).<br> If you wish i can supply wire colors.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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