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Hard Or No Shift

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OK it been a while since I got the engine in (M103). My car Doesnt shift into 4th gear. Or if it does I'm running at high RPM. While I'm going 80MPH the Tach read 5,500. I know these car run at high RPM but not this high. After driving for a while at 70 the trans doest pull no more, If I step at the gas harder the RPM just go up and the car slow down. The only way I keep the car from stranded on the road while driving is shift it to neutral and let the RPM go down to 2,500-3,000 RPM and step on the gas and shift it back to gear.
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OK I'm not getting any respond.
Well here another question. There is a electrical wire from the transmission pan, where does it connect too?
Also under the oil filter there is a nipple on somthing round(dont know what it is called) is it a vacum line or elctrical line that connect to it?
benz420 said:
maybe you need a transmission fluid change??? For starters....
I had a similar problem with my 420SEL over the summer, trying to accelerate and the RPM's would go up and up while the vehicle wouldn't accelerate at all. Fluid change seemed to solve the problem (for now) :)
Yeah that did work for my GMC truck but the Benz fluid was change right after I swap the engine in.
What the next step.
For question #2 where does the wire that connected to the side of the Tran pan connect to?
Its Friday people, need some suggestion and question 2
Check to make sure the vacuum hose from the manifold to the trans modulator is connected.
Its connected.
This morning I drove about to miles to drop off my Aunt before going to it was find. While driving on the highway it was fine until I drove on the street it started to act up again.
EDIT: It doesnt shift into 4th gear

Also I need to adjust the throttle linkage. At idle is it suppose to contact the microswitch?
Could there be somthing that I forget too hook up when I did the swap?
mercmad6.3 said:
If it won't shift into top when hot,it is possible the fluid level is too low,or the filter is dirty.
did you take the time to flush the trans oil cooler lines when you had the trans swapped over?.The smallest peice of dirt or fluff from a rag will prevent a trans from working properly.
If it changes into top when cold or intermittitently it indicates dirt in the system.
Well that kinda true, but the egine is hot when it shift properly for 15 miles and after it doesnt.
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