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Hard closing door

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The drivers door on my SEL is becoming increasingly difficult to close all the way. The door moves fine, but it only partially latches unless I slam the door very hard. Is there something I can adjust with the latch or pin to correct this problem? I am worried that one of these days I am going to shatter the 23 year old window.

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It's most likely the rubber piece where the door pin goes into. I have the same problem I need to replace it. I don't remember what it's called exactly.
To be more exact it's called the door striker on the pillar. It has rubber which gets worn out.
door striker

My 300SD has the same issue; I really need to slam it hard to close it.

Can some one post a close up picture, please, pointing to the part to be replaced?

Thanks in advance.


They are on eBay do a search for mercedes door striker


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No problem glad I could help out.
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