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1980 R107 450 SL Serial No. 107044-12-066027 Engine No. 057969
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Friend is re-doing a raggedy ass 500SL he found cheap. just received a complete 6spd
tranny kit for it from Germany and had the interior done. He has an amazing eye to
see how things could be. View attachment 2793418 View attachment 2793419
UFFDA馃槉!!! Looks like he is off to a very good start. That said, I have found that the cheapest part of owning a venerable classic is the purchase price馃槉.

75, 280Sl /5speed
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He has the time, knowledge and space to jump on bargains. He bought
a 93 500SEC that wouldn't pass smog because he knew the wheels
and tires were worth more than he paid. He' always looking.
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