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Anybody have experience with these bulbs...??? I was going to order them from danielsternlighting since I wanted more light but did not want to cut and drill the headlamp covers for the HID kits. My service tech said that if the mechs saw the wires hanging out they could void the remainder of my factory warranty.. So I guess these are the brightest available with out modifications...

This is the email that they sent me when I asked what are the best H7 bulbs....

> Here is the comparison
> Standard H7:
> 55w, 1500 lumens, 500 hours
> H7 ultra "Plus+50" (any brand):
> 55w, 1580 lumens, 225 hours
> H7 Xtreme "Plus+80" (Philips) or "Plus+90" (Osram):
> 55w, 1620 lumens, 200 hours
> H7 rallye+65 (Osram only):
> 65w, 2100 lumens, 500 hours, obvious choice.
> The extra 10w is of no consequence as far as electrical power or
> heat --
> those 80w to 100w bulbs are a different story, and they produce
> less light
> and have a shorter lifespan than the Osram 65w item. They are
> $24.76/ea here.

If you have these please let me know what your experience is with them..
Thank you....
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