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H Rated Tires

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I have a few thousand miles left on the original Dunlops 5000 SP tires and I was planning to replace them with the Michelin Cross Terrains. When I went to Costco to take advantage of their current $60 discount they told me that they did not carry the tires for my 2002 ML-320. In 2002 Mercedes switched to H-rated tires and Michelin only makes an S rated Cross Terrain in the ML's size. I also went to Tirerack and I could not get the Cross Terrain to come up as an option.

The choices of H rated tires in the ML's size is rather limited. Does anyone know why MB changed to H rated tires in 2002? Any recommendations for H rated tires other than the Continental or Dunlop OEM tires? Although 90+% of my driving is in non-snow conditions, I still want a tire that also performs well in the snow for the ski trips to Lake Tahoe.


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I have contacted Michelin's customer service and they forwarded a request to product management to consider making an H rated tire in the ML's size. If anyone is considering Michelin replacement tires, you may also want to contact Michelin and express your interest. As the OEM tires begin to wear out, the potential market should be much larger.

I will post any response that I receive.
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