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H Rated Tires

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I have a few thousand miles left on the original Dunlops 5000 SP tires and I was planning to replace them with the Michelin Cross Terrains. When I went to Costco to take advantage of their current $60 discount they told me that they did not carry the tires for my 2002 ML-320. In 2002 Mercedes switched to H-rated tires and Michelin only makes an S rated Cross Terrain in the ML's size. I also went to Tirerack and I could not get the Cross Terrain to come up as an option.

The choices of H rated tires in the ML's size is rather limited. Does anyone know why MB changed to H rated tires in 2002? Any recommendations for H rated tires other than the Continental or Dunlop OEM tires? Although 90+% of my driving is in non-snow conditions, I still want a tire that also performs well in the snow for the ski trips to Lake Tahoe.


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ML 430's take the 275/55R17 "v" rated. 240km/hr or 149mph

s rated only good for 180km/hr or 112 mph

w or z rated 270lm/hr or 168mph

Sorry,here is the rest : H rated is 210km/hr or 130mph
T rated is 190km/hr or 118mph
U rated is 200km/hr or 124mph
Y rated is 300km/hr or 186mph
V rated is 240km/hr or 149mph
R rated is 170km/hr or 105mph
S rated is 180km/hr or 112mph
W rated is 270km/hr or 168mph
ZR grade can be from 168-200mph
all from g though o not listed range from 55 to 99mph and do not apply
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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