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H&R Anti-Roll Bars & Cup Kit

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The anti-roll bars may not be available yet in the U.S. Excellent anti-roll bars! The cup kit is very good also, albeit the ride is a bit harsh. I'm having #3 pads intalled on the front and #2 on the rear to make it softer... I have 16" rims, and the whole affair makes the suspension quite impressive.

I ordered the U.S. made adjustment bolts for the rear camber; Linh recently posted the contact information.


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Hi Cixi; of course I have a Mercedes SLK! [:D] Silver SLK 200...

I purchased a lot of stuff from: in Germany. The owner, Werner is an engineer, and has lowered more than 200 SLK's. The shipping wasn't too bad, and the prices on some of the goodies I've got from him include:

H&R Cup Kit................. 530.00 EURO
H&R Anti-Roll Bars ......... 440.00 EURO ??
AMG Lip Spoiler (nice!!!)... 165.00 EURO
CLK Elegance Grill (silver). 189.00 EURO

I wanted to match the H&R Cup Kit with anti-roll bars, and Werner called H&R and learned that they recently came out with their own anti-roll bars. He'll probably be putting them on his website soon.

He sells a lot of great stuff for SLK's. I only wish he was more communicative, as I could glean a lot of great information from him. I guess he's quite busy though! [:(]
Cixi, a Cup Kit is a set of springs specifically matched with shock absorbers from the same manufacturer.

Cixi, un Cup Kit è un gruppo di molle specificamente abbinato con gli ammortizzatori dallo stesso produttore.

Ingrandisci la foto che ho fornito… Gli ammortizzatori posteriori sono leggermente (1.5-2.0 cm.) più lunghi; quando ho aperto il pacco, ho subito pensato che mi hanno mandato o quattro posteriori od anteriori ammortizzatori per sbaglio!

Zoom in the photo I furnished… The rear shock absorbers are slightly (1.5-2.0 cm.) longer; when I opened the package, I immediately thought that they sent me either four front or rear shocks by accident!

Farò una foto del spoiler e la griglia oggi...

I'll take a photo of the spoiler and grill today...

P.S. Dove vivi in Italia?

P.S. Where do you live in Italy?
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Cixi - 2/13/2005 4:10 AM

I live in Tuscany.

Siena... Gorgeous medieval city!!! [8D]

It would be nice to see more pics of your car. [:)]
I'm not the greatest photographer, but here we go... (Let's hope I get it right)!

1. CLK Grill. For me, it looks A LOT better than the OEM grille.

2. Subtle, yet elegant AMG piece... It was very reasonable since color choice was not possible. The body shop here painted and installed it for 30 EURO!!!

3. This was specially cut for my car at no extra charge.

4. My son calls the SLK "Massimo Superfast"; he's a great supporter of the SLK! [:D]

5. You'll see that the phone recess is missing... I broke it after it got stuck in a lopsided manner. A new piece is arriving --- my clumsiness cost me $40.00! [:(!]

6. For me the trim looks so much nicer in person. My last and perhaps final accessory will be Wet Okole seat covers with lumbar supports...


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By the way, the aftermarket grill fit like a glove, with absolutely no problems installing. I'm having problems instead removing the silly door pin surround! [:D]

Devo dire che la griglia "dopo mercato" era inserita come un guanto, con assolutamente nessun problema di istillazione. Sto avendo problemi invece rimuovere il stupido pezzo atorno il perno del portello!

P.S. Now that you have my license plate #, please don't report me to the authorities as that "crazy guy who cruises at 160 Km/h +..."

P.S. Ora come avete il mio numero di targa, prego mi non dinunciarmi alle autorità come "quell'uomo pazzo che viaggia a 160 Km/h +..."

In bocca del lupo:

Miked619 - 2/13/2005 5:01 PM

very nice! What is the name of the wood for your dash?
Thanks, Mike. It's Platinum Bird's Eye Maple, and I purchased it from the following company. They have a 100% reputation rating, and sell a lot on e-bay:

Even better, use this link:

It looks as if the car came with the wood trim; definitely doesn't look like a "do it yourself" project.
Daniel W.

H&R Cup Kit................. 530.00 EURO
H&R Anti-Roll Bars ......... 440.00 EURO ??
AMG SPOILER................. 165.00 EURO
CLK Elegance Grill (silver). 189.00 EURO
Cixi - 2/13/2005 5:48 PM

Was the spoilre already painted?

Mine was black. There is no choice of color, and that's why the price was so good...

Was in PU or Fiberglass?


Did you installed by yourself?

The body shop did it for free. It took 3 minutes!

How much was the shipping?

It came in the same box as the H&R Cup Kit and anti-roll bars.

I asked to my MB local dealer to put an AMG anti roll rear bar and he told me it will cost only 50 Euro!!
That's kinda weard!

AMG so cheap?!
What have this bar more than AMG?
SteveL - 2/14/2005 10:15 PM

Their XTC-Gewindefahrwerk für Mercedes SLK looks interesting.

It is height adjustable. I wonder how firm the ride is? I sent an email so we'll see what they say.
The owner, Werner, is an engineer, and he's lowered more than 200 SLK's in Germany.

The ride is firm, quite a bit firmer than the stock suspension. MB makes 5,9,13,17, and 21 mm. spring pads, and you can adjust the height with pad placement. I'm having the # 3 pads (13 mm.) placed in the front, and the #2 pads (9 mm.) placed in the rear. That should give the best of both worlds -- low, but not too extreme, and a bit more comfort. Having 16" rims and 205/55-16 and 225/50-16 tires helps soften it a bit too...
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