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H&R Anti-Roll Bars & Cup Kit

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The anti-roll bars may not be available yet in the U.S. Excellent anti-roll bars! The cup kit is very good also, albeit the ride is a bit harsh. I'm having #3 pads intalled on the front and #2 on the rear to make it softer... I have 16" rims, and the whole affair makes the suspension quite impressive.

I ordered the U.S. made adjustment bolts for the rear camber; Linh recently posted the contact information.


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Where did you get all this stuff?
How much you payed it?
What kinda car you have?
Would you mind to put some pics on of the parts you placed on?
Where do you live?
What do you mean for "Cup"?

The 4 you shows seems to be rear suspensions.
Am I wrong?
I live in Tuscany.

It would be nice to see more pics of your car. [:)]
how much did you paid the AMG spoiler?
And where did you bought from?
Was the spoilre already painted?
Was in PU or Fiberglass?
Did you installed by yourself?
How much was the shipping?

I asked to my MB local dealer to put an AMG anti roll rear bar and he told me it will cost only 50 Euro!!
That's kinda weard!

AMG so cheap?!
What have this bar more than AMG?
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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