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Hey guys

I just aquired a set of rear Monoblock rims from a C36 - 17x8.5 offset 30 in very good shape for $200.00...I also know i have to get the 17x7.5 offset 35 for the car isnt a C36 but i know you guys run these rims on your cars also since that is what i got the rims from.

now what my question to you guys who run these rims on your car is the following

1) - what size tire do you run on the rear to keep the speedo correct while driving it

2) - will i have to go to a mercedes dealer to have tires mounted to these style rims as to not damage them

3) - what brand of tire do u feel is best for these rims and why do u run that kind of tire - personal opinions

i did the Discount Tire calculator which tells me i have to purchase the size of 245/45/17 to be almost on the money for the speedo but id like to hear from you guys who actually run these rims on your vehicle and what u like the best about them

thanks for your feedback guys....Jeff

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Check out this site which has all the possibilities of rims fitting a W202: Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd | Fitting Chart Index

I have 17" staggered on my C240T as follows:
7.5 x 17 H2 ET35
with tyres 225/45 ZR 17
8.5 x 17 H2 ET30
with tyres 245/40 ZR 17

NO problem at all and perfect fit :thumbsup:
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