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GTA meeting July 14

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I suggest we meet at the park north of Hwy 7 at Main Street in Markham. Main Street is the same as Old Kennedy Road south of Hwy 7 and called Main Street north of Hwy 7. A nice old village for photo ops.<br>
Other suggestions:<br>
Scarborough Bluff<br>
Humber Park near Marina del ray<br>
What time?<br>
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Aaargh. I have been called to Hong Kong 10-17 July... I will miss the 14th... any chance of making it another day (after 18th July)?<br> <br> Sorry - work, you know.<br> <br> Michael<br> h
Re: Re: GTA meeting July 14

Why don't we postpone one week to July 21? Kevin?
Re: Re: Re: GTA meeting July 14

OK, no problem for me in July 21<br> <br> Meeting in Main St. Unionville sound nice to me =)
What time?

What time will it be? I will be in Muskoka Friday night (just after getting back from Hong Kong) and returning to Oakville Saturday.<br> <br> MW
Re: What time?

I am free all day.<br> What time you come back from Muskoka, Michael?<br> How bout QQ, what time you will be free?
Re: Re: What time?

I'm free all day.
1:00 pm?

Hi Michael and QQ<br> 1:00 pm is a good time for you both?<br> <br> Kevin
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