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I do not notice this when I am driving, only while in the passenger seat. If feels as if there is a bad wheel bearing, or perhaps a a bad inner axle shaft bearing. I am not familiar with the front axle and how it is configured. I can only make a comparison to other vehicles that I have diagnosed. As far as driveability, the vehicle is fine. Recent brakes, alignment and tire rotation shows no signs of abnormal wear. Another item that I have noticed is a slight loose feeling when going over bumps, like a worn out shock absorber or worn bushings. I dont know if these will go hand in hand or not.
The truck has about 85,000 miles on it and it about 2500 miles away from me right now.

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2004 ML 500 Sport, AWD, all factory, no aftermarket anything other than a replacement NAV/audio head unit.
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