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R107 450SL
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Hi Everyone,

Brand new to this forum as a member, but have used it almost daily for information since aquiring my 450SL just over a year ago.
I've attached a couple of recent pics of my car and will add some better ones soon.
She's had, so far this year;
Timing chains, tensioner and guides (big money!)
Exhaust manifold gaskets
New front subframe mounting bushes (transformed the ride)
front chassis leg repairs (never spotted them!!)
Gear selector linkage
Injection metering head overhaul
intrument cluster overhaul
Various bits and bobs

I love the car, I read on this forum that these cars are addictive, I couldn't agree more, I've owned many cars, classic and new, BMW's, (3's & 5's) Mercs (190E, C220CDI) Audi A3s & A4, and used to work for Porsche, so have driven many 911's Boxsters etc, etc, but none of them had the same type of presence and feel good factor as this car :D
I use it as a hobby, driven on days and weekends off, dry weather permitting where possible UK weather, remember
(My daily driver is a Volvo V70 D5SE - great car, and so much less hassle than a BMW!)
I look forward to hearing from and chatting with you in due course

Kind regards :thumbsup:


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Welcome to Benzworld
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