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Well, after several years of finding reasons not to, I jumped in and purchased a 94 E Class wagon. Was technician-owned, who bought it when the first owner was troubled by both a cracked windshield and slipping tranny and traded it. Has been his project car for a while and has had all the potential problem areas addressed. And best of all it passed both mine and Roland's inspection. Wer ist denn Roland? My not-so-well-kept secret. Er kommt aus Magdeburg und ist MB techno fuer mehr als 50 Jahre!

Anyway, I'm excited as all get out and can't wait for the weekend's road trip. Here's a question for all of you:

On this vehicle, and especially on my 87 190e, the individual felt strips on the MB Tex seats are slipping out. On the 87 many have come out all together. how can one slip them back in, or prevent them from sliding out?

Thanks - looking forward to many great email exchanges.

The Wagenmeister
Suburban DC[:D]
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