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Greetings from Poland

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Because I am here for the first time, I wanted to say hello.

I'm Lukas as I sad I'm from Poland.
My first car was MB W123 240D, which gave me my father, I loved this car, but then I found W116 280 SE '74. She was beautifull and she had only one owner after she was made.

But unfortunately I'm moving to another town, and I had to sell it, and my father bought it. Now I drive MB W124 E280 '93. She is of course white ( real MB must be white [:D])

I'll put some photos to the gallery later.

Greetings from Poland once again [;)]
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Welcome to the Clan!![:D][:D][:D] Lookin forward to seein your ride!![;)][;)][;)]

They got Hillbillies in Poland???[?][?][?][;)][;)][:D][:D]

Ya ! I forgot you like them HOTTIES!![:D][:D][:D][:D]

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