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Greetings from Poland

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Because I am here for the first time, I wanted to say hello.

I'm Lukas as I sad I'm from Poland.
My first car was MB W123 240D, which gave me my father, I loved this car, but then I found W116 280 SE '74. She was beautifull and she had only one owner after she was made.

But unfortunately I'm moving to another town, and I had to sell it, and my father bought it. Now I drive MB W124 E280 '93. She is of course white ( real MB must be white [:D])

I'll put some photos to the gallery later.

Greetings from Poland once again [;)]
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Weebshut, stay away from that Smokie guy!! You ever met a hillbilly that drove a Mercedes Benz?? Smokie does!![:D][:0][:p][:I][:X][:X].

Welcome to the group. Nice to keep your old car in the family! Very thoughtfull of you. Why not just give it to your Father though? BC
They got some hot blondes in Poland though Smokie!! I had my hands on a few a while back and....I better not go there!![:0][:0][:0][:0][:0].

To stay on topic...Greetings from the US !![;)][:X][|)]
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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