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Howdy folks!!

My name is Drew and I reside in Houston, Tx. I've been perusing this site for some time and was able to get much info about my Benz model (96 E320) and so I decided to join. THIS IS A GREAT SITE!

I purchased my Benz with 97K+ miles (currently at 110K+)
Made repairs to the following;
* replaced pinion seal for rear differential
* hoses replaced for upper/lower radiator
* hose replaced for A/C due to freon leak

Took my car in to get serviced and was informed of an oil leak, which I know would be very costly to get repaired at Mercedes dealership, so I'm looking for a good indie mechanic(s) in Houston area. If there are any members on this site, from Houston, your recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Also, where can I find a place, web or otherwise, to purchase a rear view mirror which would meet the specs of my car (96 E320)? Mine is broken, which I noticed seems to be a common problem with the earlier E320 models.


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