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Hi Everyone,

Crazy as it may seem or look...i am yet to own my very own first Mercedes Benz....:D

However, i am ready to do so which is why i've registered here on this forum...i am obsessed with the 126 'stretch'...300 SEL, i've searched on the net for info regarding this model...consumption, features, blah, blah, but found very little...i've gone to the local Mercedes franchise but looks like they don't have the info i've mentioned above...just sketchy...who else to turn to but the experts...??:bowdown:

I would like to hear from you about this model...i know they stopped production in 1991 (though i hear some models were produced upto 93 don't know how true this is) but i've got to drive one of these! Perhaps the 420 SEL or SE model...? i don't know but i hope somebody's gonna help...i want power, economy, comfort,....well, a 126 Merc....:thumbsup:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts