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I took the SLK320 to Smythe in San Jose for its first "A" service and warranty work right before New Year's. The service writer that I worked with was great and the quality of work performed was VERY thorough. Someone told me that Smythe has something like 80 service technichians and it looked like at least 10 service writers...major service operation!

Only downside was that it took a week to get the car back. They needed to get a part from Germany and there was a delay due to the New Year's Holiday. No biggie, it was pouring rain and they provided a C240 loaner car for free for the entire week.

Many of the warranty items were things that people on the forum have documented:

1. Truck latch adjustment. The trunk would stick requiring you to push down on the trunk lid to get the trunk open.
2. Wind noise on drivers side. The replaced the verical weather strip and adjusted the window. Apparently the window had damaged the rubber. Adjusted the top, water tested, found another little drip (that I wasn't aware of), and replaced another piece of weather stripping on the passenger side.
3. Rough idle - but barely noticeable (I'm pretty picky). They ended up finding two slightly suspect spark plug wires.
4. Known rear panel/flap rattle - mainly drivers side flap and some rear panel noise. Adjusted panel/flaps and installed known felt pad fix on tips of the flaps that lean on the window.
5. "A" service including brake flush.
6. Front wheel was slightly scratched when we bought the car. This bugged me a little, becuase the car is flawless otherwise. Smythe uses an outside service to do wheel repairs. It cost $150, but I'll tell you the guy that repaired the wheel is friggin magician! I was skeptical, but I can't even tell where the damage was.

Hopefully this helps some of the newer owners as they sort out some of the know SLK320 issues.
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