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Great morning.

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It dropped below 0 last night and I didn't plug my car in. The damn thing wont even start with starting fluid, just chugs until the fluid is gone. Is there any chance that I got a tank of summer diesel? I didn't go to my normal gas station. I am about ready to put some gas in the tank to try to thin it out. Forgot to mention I missed a day a work because of this. I think I am gonna have to start keeping the tow truck at the house for mornings like this.
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You should never use starting fluid on these engines. EVER. WD40 is ok. Manual says you can add gasoline in small quantities during winter months if needed.
..... Starter fluid + glow plugs + prechamber == BOOM. Cracked prechamber to say the least.
The 190d? has fuel line warmers... Might want to check into that for an OE hack.
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