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Great morning.

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It dropped below 0 last night and I didn't plug my car in. The damn thing wont even start with starting fluid, just chugs until the fluid is gone. Is there any chance that I got a tank of summer diesel? I didn't go to my normal gas station. I am about ready to put some gas in the tank to try to thin it out. Forgot to mention I missed a day a work because of this. I think I am gonna have to start keeping the tow truck at the house for mornings like this.
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I had a wiring problem for about 6 months that caused my glow plugs to be inop and had to use starting fluid on it twice a day and it runs as good as it ever did. We use starting fluid on trucks at work. I know its not exactly good for a car but its not as bad as people make it out to be. Manual says 30 percent gasoline, I don't know if I wanna go that high. I just wish it would warm up.:D
I have never seen that before. That sucks. How exactly did starting fluid cause that? It looks like the rod from a hydro locked motor.
Cracked prechamber sounds right. Thats why I undo the gp relay if I have to use starting fluid. When you spray it and the glow plugs light it can cause a premature explosion and it can wash down your cylinders but I have never seen it bend a rod or anything like that, if it did we wouldn't use it for $140,000 trucks when a idiot forgets to plug it in. I have thought about putting a auto warming system in the car like the newer Freightliners have. That would eliminate this problem and my stupidity problem of not plugging it in.
That would be nice, very, very nice. I think I am gonna walk across thr street and put a gallon of gas in the gas can for the car. I have had it plugged in for about two hours now and still nothing. I am hoping a gallon will do somthing ion a half a tank of fuel.
Nine hours later it runs!!!! I propped a heat gun under the oil pan for like 2 hours and then spent quite a bit of time running the heat gun over the IP, injectors and fuel filters. A lot of jumper cables later and it starts.
I wanna do a valve adjustment again because I am all worried I might have done it wrong because of the thread about the valves spinning. My glow plugs should be ok but I do wanna check them again. I just updated to the new style pencil plugs.
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