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Great morning.

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It dropped below 0 last night and I didn't plug my car in. The damn thing wont even start with starting fluid, just chugs until the fluid is gone. Is there any chance that I got a tank of summer diesel? I didn't go to my normal gas station. I am about ready to put some gas in the tank to try to thin it out. Forgot to mention I missed a day a work because of this. I think I am gonna have to start keeping the tow truck at the house for mornings like this.
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this happened to me recently when i ventured to indiana. After much trial and error, i unscrewed the spin-on fuel filter, filled it with diesel additive (just poured about half of the diesel out of it first. the one with the white bottle, black and red writing), primed it just enough to get most of the air out, put the rest in the tank and jumped up and down on the bumper to mix it up. The car started right up. It was sweet victory after so much cold and misery. Of course i had to give it some pedal, and keep it depressed for a little while. The next night, i parked it in a garage.
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