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Graz Schöckl Badge

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Does anybody know anything about these badge's. The text reads : "MERCEDES G Ein Auto macht seinen Weg...
[?][?][?] It looks very well made with a lot of detail and it's very heavy.


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if you visit the manufactring location in Graz, you can take a test drive to the "hausberg - Schöckl"
the test terrain.
I guess it would be a souvenier for the testdrivers...

Wow, very nice souvenir if you get that for free. When one come's up on E-Bay (rarely) there is very fierce bidding on it. I've seen one make 90 euro's [:0] It is always listed as "rare". To be honest, I never saw one before.
If I knew where to get one I would certainly buy it or bid for it on e-bay[:)]
The badge was given to drivers invited by UBG to drive the Schöckl. Not too many had the honor to do so. UBG was the joint venture of Daimler-Benz and Steyr-Daimler-Puch in charge of developing the G. In 2001 UBG was renamed DCCG (DaimlerChrysler Consult Graz) - they are residing in an office building close to (just divided by a freeway exit) the Magna-Steyr factory.,,0-192-61939-1-62147-1-0-0-0-0-0-534-61938-0-0-0-0-0-0-0,00.html

DCCG is responsible for cost cutting and quality improvement - so, if you are unhappy with your G, you might as well scream at them as loud as you will at MBUSA.

I wrote Steyr-Daimler-Puch about this test course before, but they say there is no such course. Now I see it is only for special people who are invited. I would certaily fly to Austria and join the lessen. Then get the badge.
Well, I could possibly organize something like that if we find a few enthusiasts who can agree on a date. But you have to hurry before they stop making that test mule.
Throw in a factory tour and some local culture (including food of course) in the stunningly beautyful city of Graz and we might have a winner.
By the way, the factory is in a small village outside of Graz where you have high tech right next to old farm houses and chapels that one thought would only be found in books (see image below).



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Hi Harald, I would love to join the tour, if you could organize one.
Amazing that that a simple question over a badge can become an incentive to a trip to the Graz G-plant all the way from the States and even Japan [:D] By the way I bought it in a short auction for only 50 euro from a collector. It's brand new and never been used. Question is : should I attach it to my G while never have driven this course [?] But it looks so cool [8D]
Oh well, something to think over this weekend [:D]
Well, Gert, I am not sure how large the badge is, but if there is no place to stick the badge on your G, I would rather keep it in my room and being proud to myself.
Tomo - 3/11/2005 3:42 PM

Well, Gert, I am not sure how large the badge is, but if there is no place to stick the badge on your G, I would rather keep it in my room and being proud to myself.
The badge isn't that big, about 8 cm, but even if I wanted to put it on I have no clue where it would fit ? On other Merc's I have seen badge's but they are all attached to the radiator-grill. The G's grill doesn't lend itself to that I think [?]
your last chance

Pack you bags guys!
Mercedes has signaled that they are willing to welcome a small group for a factory tour plus a prestigeous Schöckl test drive. They did not mention the local food - but that alone would be worth a trip.
Late September - early October would be best.

Give me some feedback please!


Thanks for looking into it Harald!

Any idea on cost? If it could be managed for around $2,000 I could probably find a way to make it happen. If it's more like $4-5k, I can't.

Any idea how it would be set up? A "get there any way you can" affair? Options for joining a group for shorter or longer periods of time? I think a wider range of possibilities would get more people on board, but I don't know.

I SO want to do this!

-Dave G.
Count me in Harald, but I think I would be making my own way there, and then meeting up with you.
Would be nice to put some names to faces[:D]


Count Me In

I'll be discussing the details with MB in a week from today.
I spent less than $2000 for a week including flight when I was in Graz for the 4WD Conference in February.

Some of you might want to do the factory tour in Stuttgart as well.
Even though the drive from Stuttgart to Graz takes about 8 hours - it is beautiful! and highly recommended.

I would love to organize a G convoi drive through the stunning countryside around Graz for a day or two.

So we have options. No package deal. Not for profit anyway. Options will be on location, but you will have to commit before you go.
"get there any way you can" seems to be the best format.

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"Get There Any Way You Can"

4x4abc - 4/29/2005 3:06 PM

"get there any way you can" seems to be the best format.

Agreed! You'll have one heckuva a very frustrating and thankless job if you try to act as a travel agent and/or tour guide on this; and it would probably get in the way of your enjoyment of the trip.

Your best bet would be to privately tell each participant: "Be at ABC Platz on xxxday, xx Month at xx:xx hours. Maybe even collect a refundable security deposit to guarantee attendance or indicate sincerity.

Past Treffens have been some good learning examples - Lots of "I'll be there"; but with the actual "walkers" being far fewer than the "talkers".

Btw, in my opinion, it's much too far to travel for only a week.

Thanks again for the points of reference. Definitely looks promising. Please help us pursue the opportunity.

-Dave G.
I will be in Germany 9/1-9/10. I will keep my fingers crossed on the dates. Sounds like a great time!
RE: your last chance

Count me in also. Sept - Oct would be fine, but if a later trip could be arranged, it might lend itself better to a week of skiing and ski touring in the Alps. If you get exact dates, I can commit funds and give assurances that I can attend also.
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