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We just completed a lengthy road trip in our new E500 wagon. The car was incredible on the highway and we also enjoyed using the concierge service to reserve hotel rooms while traveling. The Nav system was very helpful in planning the route and telling us when to turn. However, it had little information about exit services.

The only disappointment was the lack of exit information on the Nav DVD. For instance, we passed many exits on I-10 and I-40 that had gas stations, restaurants and motels (POI's on the Nav unit), but our auto's nav knew nothing about any at that location. Frequently, it would tell us about a restaurant, filling station or motel 40-60 miles away while we were sitting in the parking lot of some at an interchange.

Has MB deleted many of the POI's on the DVD so that one DVD can cover North America? If so, they have done a disservice to the users. I would rather have 2-3 DVD's that covered the country in detail rather than just one, hidden away in a wheel well, that failed to give good information. I have used Street Atlas USA for many years, coupled to a Garmin GPS receiver, and find that it "knows" far more about exit services (POI"s) than the MB DVD.

Does anyone make a competing DVD that would work in the MB?
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