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GPS - AMG & CLK????

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So I have a CLK 55 AMG and I am trying to get the Command System installed. I have the normal radio, not the LCD screen. I'm being told that the Screen is going to run me $8,000 and the system another $2,500, if they can even get them. Does anyone have any help that they can offer on this? Also, what does CLK and AMG stand for?<br>
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This is pretty much impossible - see below

Theres seriois amounts of work to do to install comand after the event, these include<br> removing all interior & trunk trim except seats, roof liner, front door trims and rear carpets. May have to remove dash-board aswell ...<br> Installing new wiring loom<br> Installing new rear windscreen [more aerials]<br> Reassembling it<br> and thats *alot* of hours work, plus the parts, and the COMAND screen is far from cheap.<br> <br> There was a chap on ebay who failed to sell his, looks like he ordered the parts [claimed to have the wiring loom] then found it too difficult to do - he dropped down to $3k and didnt get any bids ...<br> <br> Theres no easy documentation for the dealer to find on this stuff, I know it from working with my dealer to get TV stuff worked out.<br> <br> Probably cheaper to just change the car to one with COMAND factory fitted ...
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AMG stands for ... [inside] cant remember CLK

Hans Werener Aufrecht (A) and Erhard Melcher (M) set up a business in GroBaspach (G) - called AMG<br> (see<br> <br> <br> Cant remember what CLK means, something like couple light and kompact sounds familiarish ..<br>
Re: This is pretty much impossible - see below

Hi Richard<br> <br> Do I take it from your message that you have or are about to get the COMMAND display to display a TV signal??<br> <br> Any info/help would be greatly appreciated<br> <br> Regards<br> Raj<br>
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