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Got the dreaded abc problem! Help!

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I was stopped at an intersection when all of a sudden; I heard this POP sound that came from underneath the car. As I was about to drive, the ABC red warning light came on and the car lost its suspension stability. I immediately pulled over and stopped the engine, got out of the car and noticed it was leaking abc fluid. It seemed as if it was coming from the transmission area. To prevent any further damage, I never started the car and had it towed home. Now, I know the abc fluid was full since I had checked it the previous day. I don’t think it’s the pump since the oil was not coming from the pump area. If not the pump, what else could it have been??? What else is in that area, near the transmission that can break or (explode)????

Any feedback is appreciated
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Update! I took the car to the dealer and the service writer informed me that it could be the ABC pressure hose, (which is under recall and has not been performed on my car) they are going to replace the hose and hopefully this will solve the problem.

Ifiri, my problem sounds just like yours. If yours was the hose, why did you have to spend two grand to fix it? Was it a different hose than the one recalled??
Update! Just picked up the car. It was the pressure hose. They replaced it per recall and all is fine now. Next time if it explodes, its on my dime:D

BTW, thank you guys for your imput
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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