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Got Eibach installed.... but it sit too high

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I just got my Eibach installed in the back with stock pads (#4) on CLK320 but it looks way hihger than stock about 2-3 inches. Part # is 2545-140.

THere are 4 springs, 2 big/shorter, 2 small/longer. I put 2 big/shorter in the rear.

Is this normal? PLease let me know. Thankssss
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the kits comes with 2 differnt spring sets. the bigger diameter springs go in front. this is for the weight of the engine. After the springs are installed there is a settling period befor the actual ride height is reached. Sounds like you but the wrong springs is a pic of my 430 after i installed the kit...even all around


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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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