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Got Eibach installed.... but it sit too high

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I just got my Eibach installed in the back with stock pads (#4) on CLK320 but it looks way hihger than stock about 2-3 inches. Part # is 2545-140.

THere are 4 springs, 2 big/shorter, 2 small/longer. I put 2 big/shorter in the rear.

Is this normal? PLease let me know. Thankssss
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Eibach Springs Part#

I got it figured out. I installed it backward (front shocks in the rear, vice versa).
For people in the future, if you see it ending with ...001, that's for the front.
....002, that's the back. (THIS IS FOR EIBACH SPRINGS)

Thrill Kill, is your car floaty? does the KONI make your ride more comfortable, like soft and quite? My shit is a little floaty and I can feel almost everything on the road.
Eibach ......

I got mine installed, with Pad#3 ( I think it is perfect, you have a little gap but that's good in case it slam down a little on the road and does scratch too much stuff on the road).

With Pad #4 in the back is good but a little too high, I think with #3 is perfect.

And no, did it not RUB at all. I made all kind of turns it works fine.

I am running 235/35/19 and 265/30/19 NITTO 555.

Any questions, let me know.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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