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Got Eibach installed.... but it sit too high

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I just got my Eibach installed in the back with stock pads (#4) on CLK320 but it looks way hihger than stock about 2-3 inches. Part # is 2545-140.

THere are 4 springs, 2 big/shorter, 2 small/longer. I put 2 big/shorter in the rear.

Is this normal? PLease let me know. Thankssss
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I was thinking about making the same change to my own CLK320 (but changing the dampers as well). Once you got the springs places on the right end - how did you like it? Can you give a slight review on your experience? One thing I am concerned about is the effect that the slight lowering will have with the bumpy roads that I have to deal with on the East Coast (and NYC in particular). I have heard that people with earlier cars and spring sets had some trouble with tire rubbing when making tight turns etc.. Is that happening to you?

- dan -
"thrillkill" -

Actually replying to both of you and thank you for the update. So since my stock 2005 has 17's (I think) I should have no problem with clearance right?

Thanks - dan
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