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Got Eibach installed.... but it sit too high

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I just got my Eibach installed in the back with stock pads (#4) on CLK320 but it looks way hihger than stock about 2-3 inches. Part # is 2545-140.

THere are 4 springs, 2 big/shorter, 2 small/longer. I put 2 big/shorter in the rear.

Is this normal? PLease let me know. Thankssss
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One of my biggest qualms with the suspension industry is that they don't mark the springs with a simple F(front) and R(rear). I'll bet you 95 percent of mechanics don't have a clue as to which is which, especially when dealing with an MB. Mike very well may be right. They either did not seat the springs correctly or in fact put the fronts in the rear. My ass was riding high after install (about factory level) but only for the two blocks it took me to get home. Go back all angry and stuff and maybe they'll switch them for free.
meyou2005 said:
I got it figured out. I installed it backward (front shocks in the rear, vice versa).
For people in the future, if you see it ending with ...001, that's for the front.
....002, that's the back. (THIS IS FOR EIBACH SPRINGS)

Thrill Kill, is your car floaty? does the KONI make your ride more comfortable, like soft and quite? My shit is a little floaty and I can feel almost everything on the road.
I'm still on oem shocks and it's not floaty although it could be a little stiffer but yeah, if I run over an ant you can hear and feel it. That's the price we pay. :cool:
dan212 said:
I was thinking about making the same change to my own CLK320 (but changing the dampers as well). Once you got the springs places on the right end - how did you like it? Can you give a slight review on your experience? One thing I am concerned about is the effect that the slight lowering will have with the bumpy roads that I have to deal with on the East Coast (and NYC in particular). I have heard that people with earlier cars and spring sets had some trouble with tire rubbing when making tight turns etc.. Is that happening to you?

- dan -
Don't know if you're talking to him or me but I have no rubbing issues with staggered 19's at 37 offset and even a 10mm spacer in back just for looks.
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