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99 E320 4matic, 07 Toyota Prius.
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Hello, I got code P0700 (transmission control system-MIL request, & P0715 ( Turbine/input shaft speed sensor circuit) what does this means and what can I do to fix it. Also, car was not running during scan.

Also on Freeze frame data C3FB8
fuel sys 1 CL-fault
fuel sys 2 CL-fault
Calc load% 80.39
ect(F) 163
stft B1(%) 0.00
ltft B1(%) 6.25
stft B2(%) 0.00
ltft B2(%) 6.25
map(inH9) 29.23
eng rpm 2825
veh speed 24mph

2003 Mercedes Benz E500
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the sensor array that sits in a plastic housing sandwiched between the valve body and the transmission housing has failed. The plastic gets brittle with age and cracks, causing the fault.

Replacement is not all that difficult if you know your way around an auto trans.

There are a number of posts on this in the forum; run a search.

Good luck,

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