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i just got the bi-xenon lights and i have them installed but i now need the charts for them to get programmed to my car so they can actually function. also- does anyone know a place in NEW JERSEY that will do them.. cuz i dont know if my dealer will do them.. thanks a lot
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Everything you need is here...

Just print out the screen shots and bring them to your dealer [:)]. It should only take them about 10 mins to do at most.
thanks alot

im bringing to the dealer on wednesday.. i will let you know how it goes.. i hope they fix it.. i dont know if i should tell them to fix it or just leave the screen shots on the dash board.. and also the right headlight needs to be adjusted.. its shining far right and low
where can I get them

where did you get your bi-xenon, and around how much did you pay for them?[?]


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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