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Gentleman good afternoon.

Back in 1983 when I purchased my Brand New W126 at my Mercedes Benz dealership in Montreal,I saw a young man doing a repair on a dash board,it had a very small crack on it:eek:.I noticed that he had a very small tool case and it held many different color compounds to do his repairs.We started talking and he told me that he had a franchise called *TrimLine* and that all he did was repairs on dash boards for many different dealerships across the Montreal area.

Well 25 years later I recently found a supplier of these compounds and ordered myself a kit.:thumbsup:
The current W126 I own has a small crack on it near the speaker grill on the left side of the dash board.So I will be taking some before and after shots to show you how I did.
Here are a few pictures of the compound kit I received today.


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