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Good write up on the C320 Sport in August issue of European Car

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It won the 2001 Grand Prix award.<br>
The article is a bit short but it is a good read if you own one or plan to get one. After reading it I took my car out for a drive just to admire some of the things I take for granted in a Mercedes - the solid feel of the steering wheel, the firmness and control of in its handling of the road, the stable and safe feeling of knowing you are protected in a chassis that has been thoroughly stress tested...<br>
And most of all, I don't really care if there are other 'better' cars out there - I am completely satisfied with my vehicle.<br>
Every time I close the door, the vacuum-sealed 'whuuup' sound is just another assurance of the quality vehicle I purchased. If you ever slam the door on other cars, you'll know what I mean. They tend to sound tinny and cheap, and the sheet metal feels thin and flimsy. Not a safe feeling at all.<br>
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