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1995 SL320
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after looking online like for ever for mirrors for my r129 and hearing of the diff was it can be done and so and so i know you feel the same i looked on ebayde and i thought i found the mirrors they charged me 200 bucks for the pair then come to find out they were for the c230 w202 got beat could of got thows for about 120 on ebay us any way 80 dollars lose what ever was about to send the back till it hit me i took apart the old r19 mirrors and cut the frame untill there was just the mirror and the bracket and i slid the mirror in the new covers but then i notice there was about a inch and a half space left almost gave up then it hit me again i took them to a body shop and got them fiber glassed cost about 250 so in total 450 and they bolt right on because its the same frame but if i would of just ordered of of us ebay would have saved about 80 buck witch means i would of only spent 370 wowwwww cant wait to put them on so for every one thats going crazy looking for them her u go


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