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Due to a relative becoming ill, I have been given a 2010 C300 4matic Sport with 50K on the odometer. Kind of a double-edged sword. I don't have a ton of money for upkeep of a car like this, but as a car guy, I very excited to own one of these cars. It's always been serviced (oil changes), but missed brake fluid and transaxle flush and fills for the most part. The tires were replaced year ago too.
When I given the car, I was told that on a previous visit to the dealership for an oil change, the service guys said that it needed $6K worth of work, including an oil seal on the front of the engine, transmission seal, engine mount, and transmission mount. Needless to say, I was very skeptical that a 50K mile Mercedes Benz that had been used about 7K per year going to the grocery store and an occasional trip, was in need of so much work. Does this make sense to anyone here? Is this "normal"? I know that I can probably get all of this done - if even true - for much less than $6,000. Oh, and the main reason I was skeptical is that the dealership made a note that the leaking front seal could eventually cause the timing belt to fail (the car has a timing chain).
Also, second question: Since the car sat in a garage quite a bit, is it possible for the relatively new tires to get broken belts and make a lot of noise? I would have to look to see the brand name and sizes. The rear end of the car makes a lot of tire noise - almost to the point of me thinking about wheel bearings, but more tire noise. Is this normal too?
I need help in understanding all of this. I love Mercedes cars and thought that the quality was second to none (with the exception of early M-Classes) and that the likelihood of major repairs like this was minimal - ESPECILALLY before 100K miles. Thank you in advance for your help.
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