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Thoughts on this car posted on Craigslist in SF? Is this a good deal? Potential issues to look for? Thanks

// 1985 Mercedes diesel 190D manual, great mileage, well maintained <200k - $3500 (mission district) //
85 Mercedes Benz 190 D diesel in great condition, well maintained by reputable MB mechanics. This car has unusually low mileage (195k) and a rare, low-maintenance manual transmission. The car and especially engine are virtually bullet-proof. I ran into someone with the same model with over 800k miles and counting. Car runs on petrol diesel or biodiesel without any modifications. Rate for 30+ miles per gallon. Dark leather interior.

Car has been great but I rarely use it (note the low mileage) and I'm tired of paying for a garage to store it in. Have receipts for recommended major service check points and other repairs, which have been few and far between. I've spend good money on this car because I was planning to keep it indefinitely.

1985 Mercedes diesel 190D manual, great mileage, well maintained <200k

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It's a little pricy, but looks to be in good shape. If it's been maintained well like the post said, you can expect it to last almost forever.

Just check the usual things, rust at jack points, condition of the fluids( note that diesel engine oil will turn black almost immediately, so that doesn't necessarily mean it's old), make sure the transmission doesn't slip, not too much blow-by, engine shuts off immediately when key is turned, etc..

With the manual transmission you can expect well over 40mpg highway. My 2.2 auto got 38 mixed, and that was with a fuel leak and a cat on the exhaust (stupid, don't ask).

If it's in good shape and appears well maintained, I wouldn't have a problem paying the asking price ( although I'd try and talk him down).
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