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E430T + 300SL (W107)
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After I found out that the 7 x 15 �bundt cake� alloys I bought did not fit my car, I decided to try another sultotion to fit 70´s style wheels on my 1989 SL.

15� wheels were fitted on W123 and W115 long wheelbase versions (as well as some �heavy duty� W123 station wagons). To go for these original 15" steel-wheels is not an option since the wheel-size is only 5,5 x 15.

But, I guess there must be 7x15 ET25 steel-wheels available, for example as winter wheels for 1986 – 1990 W126. These wheels will for sure fit my car (1986+ W126 and W107 have identical wheels and brakes). My idea is to mount these wheels together with 15" hubcaps from a long wheelbase W123 or W115. My question is, will these hubcaps fit the W126 steel-wheels?
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